PenCon stands for “pen constructor” and is an alternative way to use a CAD application. We’ve tried to revive the feeling of drawing while using CAD software.
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    Roman Grasy

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    HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
    6. Semester
    Support: Prof. Hans Krämer, Prof. Steffen Süpple

Those complex applications are used to create 2D and 3D constructions and models. We have set our task to find a more intuitive way to use CAD software, as well on software, as on hardware perspective.

The target audience are engineers, who primarily work in engineering and design. So we have tried to analyze the functions based on their needs, to find new approaches.

The drawing-board and a pencil have been the main tools for engineers back in the days, without computers. The range of tools was fairly comprehensible and straightforward to use. Today, with CAD, we have a lot more opportunities and a way more accurate method of constructing 3D models. The downside of this is, is that the hard- and software-interface became more complex at the same time.

With our concept, we have tried to solve this issue and bring back the feeling of real drawing to CAD.

To achieve that goal, we have decided to use a Cintiq Wacom tablet. It is controlled with a pen, with which you can draw directly on the tablet’s screen. Also, the pen offers some more functions and the tablet holds some more interface elements, such as buttons and sliders, which we can use for zooming and other important functions in CAD.

With this hardware interface we’ve been able to develop concepts to bring back the feeling of drawing and replace the mouse and keyboard with the pen and the tablet.

To evaluate our ideas we have built several little prototypes, with VVVV, for different usecases.