eMenu 2015

The digital ordering process in restaurants often times is lacking the human touch. Bright glaring screens shouldn’t disturb a nice restaurant experience. A projection however can create a more easy for the eye presentation.

  • Partner

    Anja Rapp, Frank Schäffer

  • Details

    HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
    3. Semester / Invention Design
    Support: Prof. Jörg Beck

Our task was to replace the ordinary process of ordering in a restaurant through a touchable projection on the table, using a novel laser projector.
A big challenge was that the projection might still be disturbing to the guest while they eat.
In our concept we proposed a good solution for this problem: Instead of the table, we project the menu onto a foldable empty card. Thus, the guest can freely decide when and if he wants to have the projection or not. With a prototype, using Infrared LED’s, the software Reaktivision and processing, we demonstrated and tested the concept.