• Hi!

    My name is Jan Barth, I'm an Interaction Designer.

I am a designer with a passion for prototyping and designing digital products and services that make peoples lives easier and let them focus on the things that really matter – be it at home, on the go, or at work.

I am currently working at Intuity Media Lab in Stuttgart, Germany.

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My Process

Research / Ideation

Taking business requirements
and insights from preliminary user research, I brainstorm and ideate possible solutions.


By creating wireframes I
 document the candidates for the solution 
so that they can all be clearly communicated to the client.


In order to bring the idea 
to life and to be able to put it 
into the hands of real users, I build interactive prototypes using a wide range of prototyping tools.


By doing qualitative user testing
with a handful of users 
I can quickly identify opportunities for improvement for further iterations.


Feel free to send me an Email if you have any questions about my my work or just want to get in touch.